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Who we are

Zeabuz is a spin-off from the leading research community on autonomous vessels at NTNU in Trondheim,
who built the world's first autonomous urban ferry prototypes.


Our business objective is to revitalize urban waterways by introducing cost-cutting waterborne mobility solutions through autonomy-as-a-service offered to mobility and ferry operators.

Our autonomy technology and tech team are among the most mature in their fields, and we have strong commercial traction already. Most notably, Torghatten, a major Norwegian ferry operator, will launch a ferry service designed specifically for being operated by Zeabuz autonomy in Stockholm summer of 2023 – and they are enthusiastic about scaling rapidly from there. 

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Enabling widespread
waterborne mobility

Would you like to join us on our journey? 


Autonomous vessels offer
game-changing benefits

  • Reduced crew costs

  • Energy-saving through optimized operation

  • New ship designs with lower CAPEX

  • Novel and potentially disruptive maritime transport systems

  • Enabling radically new business concepts

  • Expediting zero-emission mobility

  • Providing high-value enhancements for
    existing fleet

Zeabuz urban mobility 

Frequent departures

With a zeabuz mobility network, people will never have to wait more than a couple of minutes for the next departure.


New connections

Zeabuz creates shortcuts over waterways which reduce the travel distance, save time, and make the city more connected. 



The Zeabuz mobility system is flexible. Adjust routes, docking locations and vessels to meet the demand.


Low costs

The Zeabuz system is cost efficient from both an environmental, time and economic perspective.


Zeabuz in media

We have been mentioned by media all over the world. Here's a selection of news articles about us.



For inquires on business opportunities, send us a message.

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