What we do

Zeabuz will deliver sustainable mobility to urban citizens by utilising the abundance of open urban waterways to establish shortcuts for pedestrians and bikers in cities all over the world. ​

Our mobility solution is a network of several autonomous electric vessels which are customised for short distances providing frequent departures. ​

The Zeabuz technology platform introduces unprecedented optimisation opportunities. A network of Zeabuz vessels can adapt to customer demands and maximise resource efficiency in real time.​

Zeabuz offers the first truly scalable waterborne urban mobility solution.​


Truly scaleable waterborne mobility


The Opportunity

What we see right now is a trend shift towards green mobility with big cities looking for new sustainable  solutions for the ever-growing number of citizens. The need for sustainable mobility is skyrocketing, but there are few practical alternatives ready on the market. ​


In a world where cities become more connected, the opportunities for smart solutions increase. By collecting, analyzing and acting on live data, new dynamic mobility systems which adapts to local changes in demand can be created. ​

90 % of the world’s urban areas are located near waterways and all over the world, urban seaside industrial areas have been transformed into an attractive mix of housing, offices, business, culture and recreation. Still, while water is a free, available and sustainable infrastructure, the waterways are underutilized for mobility.​

Why Zeabuz? 

Frequent departures

With a Zeabuz mobility network, people will never have to wait more than a couple of minutes for the next departure.



Zeabuz creates shortcuts over waterways which reduce the travel distance, save time, and make the city more connected. 



The Zeabuz mobility system is flexible. Adjust routes, docking locations and vessels to meet the demand.


Low costs

The Zeabuz system is cost efficient from both an environmental, time and economic perspective.


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